Lynnwood Asian Massage


Relaxing Massage in Lynnwood Washington

Skilled Asian Massage Therapists will pressure your body back in shape while relaxing your mind letting you give into your only real desire and that is to fully relax and release any tension held in the various parts of your sore and tired body.  Come here to rejuvenate and let go.




Hours: 9am to 10pm
7 Days a Week

3810 196th St. SW #12
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Lynnwood Asian Massage

You have many choices and experiences to choose from these days. But our staff is the most youngest and freshest experienced Asian Massage Therapists in the area. Try someone new. You owe it to yourself!

Lynnwood Asian Massage

Lynnwood Asian Massage

Lynnwood Asian Massage is the most relaxing Asian massage store in the Seattle Lynnwood area. You won't be disappointed.


I’ve been here a lot. Every time I went here the massage make me feel comfortable. Always do the 60min body massage. It’s a amazing place for massage! they treat me very friendly. It the best Chinese massage place that I ever been. I definitely recommend people going there.

Juan Matias

The massage was head-to-toe and the best I’ve ever had. The therapist asks if you want lighter or deeper, and I chose deeper; it was very relaxing and stress relieving. This is a must-do for anyone who works too hard, works in an office or has a lot of stress. Since I found this place two months ago, I come back twice every week.

Jack Timbers